Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Portfolio Value as per March 2018

No. Counters No of Shares    Market Price        per Share             (SGD) Total Value (SGD)

1 800 Super 20,000 $1.100 $22,000.00

2 AEM 12,000 $7.150 $85,800.00

3 Avi-Tech 100,000 $0.505 $50,500.00

4 Best World 50,000 $1.640 $82,000.00

5 Chasen 400,000 $0.069 $27,600.00

6 Innotek 130,000 $0.420 $54,600.00

7 Sunningdale 60,000 $1.830 $109,800.00

8 Tat Seng Packaging 30,000 $0.795 $23,850.00

9 Trek 2000 Intl 100,000 $0.265 $26,500.00

10 Cash


TOTAL: $486,403.98

The reporting season for financial report ending December 2017 has just ended last week.

As usual, i have screened through hundreds of reports to check if i can find any new companies which meet my buying criteria.

(1) I bought Tat Seng Packaging at an average price of 82.50cents last month. I like this company for their old type of business, improving top & bottom lines, and their balance sheet. I might be adding more if the price drops below 70cents.

(2) A good friend of mine who introduced me to stock market, highlighted "Chasen" to me. Honestly, Chasen is not my cup of tea, however, i think at current price it is quite undervalued (provided management is able to maintain their profit trend). I bought this more to their assets and their low PE. Will wait for their 4th Q result and decide on my holding. 

(3) Sold off all Frencken holding with a profit of 59.3% from my cost price. Holding period is about 9 months (bought in May 2017 @39cts and sold in February 2018 @62.10cts). Frencken is a good company, but i have decided to sell off as i already have Sunningdale and i think part of their business is quite similar. 

(4) Sold off all Ellipsiz. Profiting from their dividend with total profit of about 12.5% from my initial cost. I think Ellipsiz at current price is still a good hold and does not have much valued risk. Decided to sell this off as moving my fund to other counter which i think is able to give me better return in the longer run.

(5) Added 10,000 Sunningdale shares at about $1.815/share last month.

Overall, all my counters have reported good and satisfactory results. I am quite happy with them. After much careful considerations of their business going forward against current market valuation, i have decided to continue holding for the time being. However, if the current valuation has gone up too much comparing to their business growth rate, i might re-access them and decide again. So far, no action has been taken yet...

* Above are just my thoughts. The accuracy or completeness of the information above cannot be guaranteed.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Margin of Safety - How Important Is It in Investing?

Margin of Safety (MoS) is the only thing which i hold and am trying to hold firmly when selecting a company to invest in:

(1) MoS is the difference between the Intrinsic Value of a Stock and its Market Price.

(2) Could be used to prevent the Market Price for much volatility (even though we are not able to predict the movement of the market from time to time).

(3) Cash, Operating Cash Flow, Free Cash Flow, Current Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio, GP Margin, NP Margin, The Consistency of Revenue & Profit QoQ & YoY - are used as a Quantitative Metric in my selection of stock.

(4) Future Plan of the business (short & long term), Vision & Mission, Business Strategy, Management Team - are used as a Qualitative Metric.

Portfolio Value as per February 2018

No. Counters No of Shares    Market Price       per Share             (SGD) Total Value (SGD)

1 800 Super 20,000 $1.190 $23,800.00

2 AEM 12,000 $5.500 $66,000.00

3 Avi-Tech 100,000 $0.500 $50,000.00

4 Best World 50,000 $1.360 $68,000.00

5 Ellipsiz 30,000 $0.790 $23,700.00

6 Frencken 75,000 $0.660 $49,500.00

7 Innotek 130,000 $0.430 $55,900.00

8 Sunning dale 50,000 $1.990 $99,500.00

9 Trek 2000 Intl 100,000 $0.260 $26,000.00

10 Cash


TOTAL: $462,534.18

I made some changes to my holding:

(1) Sold 25,000 shares of Frencken.

(2) Sold 10,000 shares of Trek 2000 Intl.

(3) Add another 2,000 shares of AEM @$4.29/share: i think with recent announcement of their Revenue & Profit guidances & acquisition of Ofore Oy, AEM still has potential to grow more. Looking forward their FY report end of this month.

(4) Add another 50,000 shares of Innotek @42.50cts/share: they expansion to Weihai factory to support Hewlett-Packard production in China could be one of the catalysts for Innotek to move better in the near future. Trading below their NTA, with a cash pile of about 47,3mil (cash + investment held by bank), i am quite confident this will give me some margin of safety.

* Above are just my thoughts. The accuracy or completeness of the information above cannot be guaranteed.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Looking for a good Undervalued Business which has Potential to Grow Big

One of my New Year resolution in the finance side will be Looking for a good undervalued business which has potential to grow big in the future.

I will continue to search this kind of company from our local listed company. However, when i am unable to find one that i like and meets my criteria, i might be going into NYSE or Nasdaq to look for one. Will update more on this in next couple of months.

I will have to do a lot of homework now......wish me all the best!!!

3 Things that have driven me to enjoy Stock Investing

First of all, i must really thank my friend for introducing me to stock market. So far i have really been enjoying buying shares of companies based on my buying criteria.

I think there are 3 Things that have driven me to enjoy Stock Investing so far:

(1) Investing like owning a Business. I can say i am a business person and i enjoy doing business (those kind of industry which i am comfortable with) - will share more on this when i have time.

(2) To earn more money for my family (parents, children, or brothers/sisters).

(3) To have financial freedom so that i do not really have to think about my monthly expenses then i can have more time to do other things that i like (e.g. spending more time with my loved ones, social works, sports, etc).