Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Investment Books - Update

Below are the list of my Investment Books i have read/reading:

(1) One Up on Wall Street --by Peter Lynch

(2) The Zulu Principle --by Jim Slater

(3) Intelligent Investor --by Benjamin Graham

(4) Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits --by Philip Fisher

(5) The Essay of Warren Buffet --by Lawrence A. Cunningham

(6) Behind the Berkshire Hathaway Curtain --by Ronald Chan

(7) Value Investing in Growth Company --by Rusmin & Victor Chng

(8) Investlah --by Serjing, Sudhan, Wei Lin

(9) Buffet's Bite -The Essential Investor's Guide to Warren Buffet's Shareholder Letters --by L.J. Rittenhouse

(10) Your First Million - making it from stock --by Dr Michael Leong

(11) The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing --by Jason Kelly

(12) The Value Investor --by Ronald Chan

(13) Fooled by Randomness --by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (not completed yet)

(14) Security Analysis --by Benjamin Graham (not completed yet)

(15) The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffet & George Soros --by Mark Tier

(16) The Buffet Essay Symposium with Warrent Buffet & Charlie Munger --by Lawrence A. Cunningham

(17) Buffettology --by Mary Buffet & David Clark

(18) Simply Brilliant --by William C. Taylor

(19) Long & Short: Confession of a Portfolio Manager (Stock Market Wisdom for Investors) --by Lawrence Creatura (have purchased online and waiting for the book to arrive)

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 2017 Transaction Update

It has been more than one month since i last updated my blog. I have been quite busy recently: both going through some of reports released early of this month and also with my work.

What i have Bought?

I have browsed through total of 339 reports of different companies for this Quarter. As usual, i eliminated all Blue chips & S chips, property, finance, oil & gas, and commodities counters.

Out of the 339 companies, i selected Frencken which met my buying criteria and i quickly bought 100k shares @39cts per share in the morning of 12th May 2017 after they released their Q1 report the night before. I also had went through about 8 quarters of their reports & Annual Reports.

Below are the preliminary thing i am looking at Frencken before going to their subsequents 8 quarters of report & their Annual Reports:

(1) The company reported an increase of 17.9% revenue YtoY in the same quarter.
(2) Gross profit margin increases to 17.2% from 15.2% YtoY in the same quarter.
(3) PBT (Net profit before tax) increases to 8.4mil from 4.4mil YtoY in the same quarter.
(Revenue increases by 17.9% but net profit before tax increases by 91%),
(4) Disposal of PESB (one of the business unit from IMS division) and boosted their cash level to 60mil & 33.2mil after deducting bank overdraft.

Will elaborate more when i have time to do so.

What i have Sold?

I decided to cash out about 18 - 20% of my equity in this quarter, so in the case the market shocks and i will not easily be shocked too.

I sold all my holding of Global Invacom @16.3cts/share & Taisin Electric @43.5cts/share.

What am i holding now?

(1) Sunningdale

(2) Best World

(3) 800 Super

(4) Avi-Tech

(5) Innotek

(6) Frencken

Thursday, April 13, 2017

How important is Business Growing Rate in my investment?

Business Growing Rate in my investment:

(1) The compound growing ratio of the business in a percentage change of variable in a specific time (annually).

(2) They are the growing rate of: Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash, & Dividend.

(3) Personally, i think it is not possible to determine the specific value of a business in a specific time, but it is very important to determine the annual compound growth rate of the business based on several past historical trends together with current business & management's plan.

(4) To compare it with other investment.

So, Business Growing Rate (BGR) is one of the most crucial thing to look at in my investment.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Element 12 - What to Do when the System doesn't work?

What to Do when the System doesn't work?

(1) To re-access the System by referring back to my book “The Winning Investment Strategy of Warrent Buffet & George Soros”, to compare my system with theirs.
(2) To keep reading investment book at least 1 book in every 2 months.
(3) Periodically re-access my system with my new knowledge every now and then.
(4) Think thoroughly about how successful investors' system work and determine the different between my system and their systems.
(5) Open for any input from those people that i think it makes sense in helping me improving my system.
(6) Always be humble and know that i need to keep learning more and more.
(7) Trust & be confident in my system and follow it thoroughly with always feel hungry of business investing knowledge and wisdom of life.

Element 11 - Handling Mistakes?

Handling Mistakes?

(1) To sell off all the wrong company/counter immediately including taking loss.
(2) To take mistake as my learning part, be glad of the mistake but promise to myself that i will never repeat the same mistake again in future.
(3) To think thoroughly about the mistake: why the mistake happens, how it happens, what is the cause of the mistake to happen or happen again in future, the consequences of the mistake to me now and in future, the learning point from the mistake, and the interrelation between the mistake to my investment system/strategy.