Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Portfolio Value as per March 2018

No. Counters No of Shares    Market Price        per Share             (SGD) Total Value (SGD)

1 800 Super 20,000 $1.100 $22,000.00

2 AEM 12,000 $7.150 $85,800.00

3 Avi-Tech 100,000 $0.505 $50,500.00

4 Best World 50,000 $1.640 $82,000.00

5 Chasen 400,000 $0.069 $27,600.00

6 Innotek 130,000 $0.420 $54,600.00

7 Sunningdale 60,000 $1.830 $109,800.00

8 Tat Seng Packaging 30,000 $0.795 $23,850.00

9 Trek 2000 Intl 100,000 $0.265 $26,500.00

10 Cash


TOTAL: $486,403.98

The reporting season for financial report ending December 2017 has just ended last week.

As usual, i have screened through hundreds of reports to check if i can find any new companies which meet my buying criteria.

(1) I bought Tat Seng Packaging at an average price of 82.50cents last month. I like this company for their old type of business, improving top & bottom lines, and their balance sheet. I might be adding more if the price drops below 70cents.

(2) A good friend of mine who introduced me to stock market, highlighted "Chasen" to me. Honestly, Chasen is not my cup of tea, however, i think at current price it is quite undervalued (provided management is able to maintain their profit trend). I bought this more to their assets and their low PE. Will wait for their 4th Q result and decide on my holding. 

(3) Sold off all Frencken holding with a profit of 59.3% from my cost price. Holding period is about 9 months (bought in May 2017 @39cts and sold in February 2018 @62.10cts). Frencken is a good company, but i have decided to sell off as i already have Sunningdale and i think part of their business is quite similar. 

(4) Sold off all Ellipsiz. Profiting from their dividend with total profit of about 12.5% from my initial cost. I think Ellipsiz at current price is still a good hold and does not have much valued risk. Decided to sell this off as moving my fund to other counter which i think is able to give me better return in the longer run.

(5) Added 10,000 Sunningdale shares at about $1.815/share last month.

Overall, all my counters have reported good and satisfactory results. I am quite happy with them. After much careful considerations of their business going forward against current market valuation, i have decided to continue holding for the time being. However, if the current valuation has gone up too much comparing to their business growth rate, i might re-access them and decide again. So far, no action has been taken yet...

* Above are just my thoughts. The accuracy or completeness of the information above cannot be guaranteed.

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